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More and more consumers are choosing to shop online, whenever they want to. We’ll help you to seize this rapidly growing e-commerce opportunity. Our range of services will ensure that you maximize the full potential of your web-based shopping channel. Stay open for business day in, day out with hosting and application management services underpinned by our robust, scalable infrastructure.

What is E-Retailing and Why it is Beneficial to Retailer

  • All activities involved in selling, renting, and providing goods and services to ultimate customers for personal, family or household use through internet.
  • The electronic channel gives the existing brick-store retailers an opportunity to reach new markets.
  • For the existing retailers, it is an extension to leverage their skills and grow revenues and profits without creating an altogether new business.
  • E-Retailing overcomes some limitations of the traditional formats, for instance the customers can shop from the comfort of their homes.
  • The e-commerce software that also traces the customers’ activities on the Net enables e-retailers to gain valuable insights into their customers shopping behavior.
  • The e-retail channels transcend all barriers of time and space. The retailer’s server must be on 24*7. An order can come from any customer living any place at any time of the day.
  • E-Commerce channels are definitely efficient and retailers do not have to pay a heavy price for brick-n-mortar shops in costly shopping malls.
  • Utilities provided by retailers create value for customers. Time, place, possession, and form utilities are offered by most retailers.

Why E-Retailing is beneficial to End-User Customer


For people who are pressed for time and do not enjoy shopping, an electronic retailing product may take on added value because the buying transaction can be completed without hassle, quickly and at hours when traditional retailing is unavailable. It saves them time and energy.

Early Access

While many electronic retailing products are available in retail stores at some future date, the spot, infomercial or Web site offers the product now. An electronic retailing campaign may be the only place where it is available immediately. If the product solves a difficult problem or offers an important improvement, consumers who buy from the electronic retailer can have the product in their hands sooner.

Innovative or Unique Products

Getting a new, innovative product to market through traditional channels is expensive and time-consuming, and it requires some luck on the part of the product's developer. Electronic retailing allows a product's developer to bypass this process and sell directly to end-users. Consumers who see or hear an electronic retailing campaign get access to products that may never show up in a retail store because the developer lacked the resources to take on the massive retail industry.

Better Salesmanship

Let's face it, most products are not well-merchandised. Key sales messages are poorly communicated or may be missing entirely. Electronic retailing often overcomes these problems, because the medium itself - television or the Internet - allows the person to be sold the product. They understand how it works and why. The benefits are presented clearly and convincingly. And make no mistake about it: People enjoy being sold to.

Why Shree Partners in E-Retailing?

Our end-to-end Dynamics solutions help you in attaining more flexibility and operational efficiency in dealing with Customer. We offer both business and technology consulting. The former helps you in improving your sales, marketing and customer support while the latter enables you to identify the technological solutions so that you can develop reliable, scalable and comprehensive solutions.

  • Quick deployment with Quality of work
  • Data migration and efficient planning
  • Trained professionals
  • Vast experience

Development and Testing

  • Customized workflow
  • Maintenance and testing
  • Integrating third parties
  • Developing reports
  • Offshore remote support
  • Developing plug-ins

Administrative Services

  • Role-based security resolutions
  • Implementation
  • Configuration/ Categorization

Services & Capabilities

Services and capabilities in E-Retailing

Technology Used

Our satisfactions are in providing complete solution to our customers and offer them complete support to make their business more successful. We are also focused in ASP.NET application development and dot net software development. We check for the tools' compatibility at every step of the development. Our dot net development team is focused in providing cost effective services that are less time consuming and are completed for client satisfaction.

Why do we need .NET?

  • .NET web application development and .NET application design offer high security and best service in terms of connectivity.
  • Microsoft is employed in the development of .NETet computing platform.
  • Offering great compatibility with most operating systems, dot net software development offers faster Internet connectivity.
  • .NET application design and .NET application development guarantee that any of the software developed can be accessed easily with Internet.
  • Its customized and optimized for better IT costs.
  • With the help of the friendly user interface and better business logic, .NET web application development provides the users with the power to process the servers.
  • Use of XML can be considered as the best methodology to handle the connectivity among users in the network and smart devices.
  • .NET software development uses newer technologies for web design development and offers best solution for simple as well as complex solutions.
  • .NET application development is used widely for the development process with minimum deployment of work force.


  • SQL Server 2008

Reporting / Data Extraction

  • Business Intelligence