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Genesys Partners Businesses are deploying Genesys® IP contact center solutions to enhance customer interactions and improve call center performance and economics

Shree Partners experienced team adds value to your contact center by providing feature rich applications and complete system integration. We have expertise in best-in-class contact center technologies and their integration into our clients’ mission critical programs. At Shree, we view contact center solutions as expressions of business philosophies from a strategic perspective, and provide a full suite of systems integration services to help our customers implement solutions:

Shree Partner is Genesys partner and has an experience in the implementation, optimization and customization of the best contact center solutions in the world. We adapt these solutions to the unique needs of each of our clients and we guarantee their optimum performance.

Therefore, the technologies implemented by Shree Partners and our partners allow our clients:

  • Reduce operation costs when offering contact center service through any channel.
  • Detect and satisfy the necessities of their actual and potential clients, helping them to obtain benefits their competence can’t count on.
  • Improve the quality of the service, offering their clients an easy and quick way to keep in touch with the company.
  • Optimize the most important resource: people.
  • Make it easy for your clients to contact you through the platform they desire: telephone, web, social media, text messages, and email or mobile apps.
  • Capacity to analyze and identify inefficiencies and solving problems thanks to a complete analysis of the clients’ requirements.

Shree Partners can adapt to the clients’ necessities other complementary solutions that will improve the contact center attention service.

Genesys Contact Centre Solution & Support

Genesys Contact Centre Solution

Ongoing Support

Maintenance, Support and Monitoring of Genesys Contact Center

Satisfying or exceeding customer's expectations requires, providing consistent customer experience at all times. Service interruption and down times can increase customer frustration and can make businesses lose valuable customers. Uninterrupted service to customers requires regular maintenance of system. Shree Partners helps Clients achieve and provide world-class service to their customers. Shree's consultants, having specialized in implementing and maintaining Genesys solutions, have worked with fortune 500 companies and can help Clients and their Company to maintain and enhance Genesys system in the most cost effective way. Shree has different support models to suit Client's needs.

Monitoring Genesys Contact Center

Assure peak performance and optimize customer experience with a master view of all contact center interactions

Shree Partners offers end-to-end monitoring of Genesys contact center systems (SBC, voice response, routing, agent desktop, etc.) for comprehensive insight into customer experience. A combination of active and passive contact center monitoring techniques allows you to identify – and correct – issues before they reach customers. For a complete understanding of multichannel solutions, Shree Partners provides analysis of voice, video, and data quality – from customer to agent and back again.

Shree Partners empowers you to effectively monitor and diagnose problems in complex contact center environments. This ensures higher service availability and a better customer experience.

Benefits of Support Model

  • Full time on-site dedicated resource. Extended hours support through pager and cell phone.
  • Access to pool of Genesys experts.
  • Routine maintenance tasks like log maintenance, applying security and OS patches.
  • Making required regular configuration (CME) and application settings.
  • Work on enhancement requests to provide additional features.
  • Work on any bugs/defects reported on custom applications (Like Voice Applications, Custom Desktop Applications, Web Pages.) developed to interface with Genesys systems.
  • Regular database maintenance tasks like scheduled backup of data, index updates, database statistic updates to optimize performance.
  • Minor version upgrades to Genesys applications to get the latest and greatest.
  • Work with Genesys technical support on support tickets.

Setting up Contact Center Lab

Genesys mission is to help companies all over the world offer a better experience for their clients. The company connects their clients with the best resources in every channel available, by reason of the appropriate context, which enables them to offer a customized service. For their clients, being able to know how their business is developing in real time assures their strategies adjust to their necessities; if they are effectively reducing costs and stay loyal to the brand.

Shree Partners is Genesys Partner and offers an experience in installing, optimizing and integrating Genesys Software solution, customizing it according to our clients’ needs. Therefore, we obtain a solution that’s totally adapted and unique, and which integrates perfectly with the apps the client owned previously, extending Genesys features.

Covering all Genesys Contact Center Skill Sets

  • Genesys CIM, Inbound Routing, Network Routing and Outbound
  • Genesys Multimedia / MCR (Email, Web Chat and Web Collaboration)
  • Genesys GVP multi-site design and development with ASR and TTS
  • Genesys Infomart custom reporting and Infomart BI interfaces
  • Genesys WFM implementation, upgrade and consulting
  • Genesys SIP Server, CTI and Media Gateway integrations
  • Genesys GETS implementation
  • Genesys-CRM integrations using Gplus Adapters
  • Genesys API / SDK based custom application development
  • Program management and technical project management
  • Genesys Outage Prevention

Why Shree Partners - The Difference

  • Industry and Technological Leadership. As an industry and technology pioneer, Shree Partners is the only true provider of on-demand Support and call center solutions.
  • Immediate ROI/Lower Cost of Ownership. Shree Partners helps customers realize a reduction in costs by getting rid of the hardware, software, and maintenance costs typically associated with traditional on-premise solutions.
  • Scalability and Security.
  • Application Service and Support. When you choose Shree Partners, you get a complete solution which includes Consulting, Technical support, Documentation, outage prevention.