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In today’s competitive business environment, healthcare enterprises need to ensure good understanding of Market and competition in order to survive, let alone lead the fray.

As a business leader in today's fast paced environment, you need information that is accurate, comprehensive and actionable. And you need it quickly. That's why companies turn to Shree Partners for our quick custom research solutions on Media Monitoring crafted especially to the Pharma and Healthcare Organization.

Through quick consulting with Shree Partners, you get instant access to a team of highly skilled, well trained analyst who have been working in the domain for many years. Our services have been customized and streamlined so we can meet our client’s needs rapidly, whatever they might be.

Media Tracking Points

  • Tracking Therapeutic Area (TA)
  • Monitoring Client’s Drug
  • Tracking Competitor’s Drugs
  • Monitoring Client’s Drug Candidate
  • Monitoring Critical Clinical Trial
  • Monitoring New Research Around TA
  • Reporting Medical Conference
  • Tracking Key Opinion Leaders
  • Reporting Corporate News
  • Technology & Strategy Scouting
  • Reporting Industry Analyst Opinion
  • Reporting CSR Activities/ Partnerships
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Monitoring Free Databases

Customized solutions targeting specific business need

Shree's Media Monitoring Solution 360

Research Methodology

Shree's Research Methodology