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Mobility Services

Mobile devices have become the centerpiece of our work and personal lives. This new IT landscape is profoundly changing the way companies relate to their customers, interact with employees, and bring products and services to market. And enterprise mobility is not only a pathway to convenience and efficiency in this new world of work but a key driver of business innovation.

Shree Partners with wide experience across the Industry verticals and complementary technology strengths is well equipped to enable Enterprise Mobility services. Our mobility practice offers comprehensive services to cover every aspect of mobile application development to enable organizations maximize potential of their mobile implementation. Our end-to-end mobility services capability and full spectrum of solutions include:

Shree's Mobility Solutions

Mobility Consulting & Advisory Services

Mobility is widely recognized as a disruptive technology innovation that has forced enterprises to change the way they do business. Organizations face challenges in developing a mobile strategy aligned to their business due to complexities that arise from multiple platforms, devices and delivery channels. Our advisory services can help our clients define a roadmap to develop optimal mobile strategy to achieve business transformation by – identifying applications and systems that can be mobile-enabled, the scope of mobilizing them and the business benefits that can be obtained.

Our experience across various industries like Travel and Hospitality, Healthcare, Retail, Banking & Financial Services will help our clients enhance operational efficiencies while successfully aligning their business needs with mobile and IT.

Mobile Application Development and Maintenance

Our Mobile ADM practice and application management lifecycle is built over the extensive years of traditional ADM expertise. The wider reach and the plethora of mobile devices and operating system not only increase the challenges but also make it mandatory to have a very good governance model around it.

Our expertise includes:

  • Mobile application development, support and maintenance
  • Mobile enabling legacy and/or Line of Business (LOB) applications
  • Mobile Application Management

Mobility Testing Services

  • Core Mobile Application Testing
  • Functional Test Automation
  • Open Source Testing Solutions

Mobile applications undergo constant changes due to upgrades in mobile operating systems and the launch of new devices with newer capabilities. With rapid proliferation of devices and platforms, testing assumes significance as vendors and enterprises look at reducing time-to-market cycles, cost and effort while adhering to the latest standards.

We leverages our testing expertise to provide comprehensive mobile application testing coverage including Functional testing, Compatibility Testing, Usability Testing, Server-side Testing, Performance Testing and other testing services to enable successful deployment .

Mobile Device Management, Security & Governance

Our experts ensure adequate security for each mobility solution and service against comprehensive range of known security threats. Our services include end-to-end mobile security assessment, developing a mobility security strategy and security policies. Likewise we offer consulting services for product selection, application and device provisioning / de-provisioning policy; procedures for requesting and obtaining mobile devices, applications and services; as well as mobility data protection.

BYOD, the accepted trend by corporates, opens up newer window for risk, to mitigate which mobile devices need to be subjected to the same security norms as office workstations. Shree Partners has deep competency in creating a secure ecosystem for bringing mobile devices within the purview of enterprise governance and security policies.

End-To-End Mobility solutions

End-To-End Mobility solutions