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Today the era of open source for mission-critical systems is solidly underway. Open source is proving itself as a driving force behind enterprise IT innovation, operational effectiveness and business value creation. Open Source Software continues to be one of the most viable and leading levers for cost optimization. The overall adoption trends and economics around OSS confirm that this technology is making significant headway as an IT Platform even for mission-critical business applications.

Some of the key drivers for adoption of OSS solutions include:

  • Substantial reduction in total-cost-of-ownership of proprietary solutions
  • Significantly lower support costs compared to proprietary software
  • Increased agility through shorter development time and faster time-to-market
  • Vendor independence and flexibility
  • Open standards

How Shree Partners Can Help You

At Shree, we have developed a deep understanding of the OSS technology and of the typical issues faced by enterprises while considering OSS adoption. Shree has identified the key areas in which enterprises can benefit from the adoption of OSS technology, and has developed proven capabilities in these areas. Leveraging its vast IT experience, Shree offers OSS expertise in the areas of Portal, Content Management & Collaboration (PCC), Rich Internet Applications, Service Oriented Architecture, Workflows and Business Process Management and Mobile Computing. At Open source competency center we explore various open source platforms, latest enterprise integration engines, Web 2.0 trends; SaaS based platform challenges across different horizontals to increase Shree Partners knowledge base from functional and technical standpoint. The competency team keeps the knowledge portal updated with latest trends and business needs in open source technology. We provide you with right kind of solution that leverages you a lot on the cost front. Depending on projects requirements Shree’s experienced competency team has provided fast services on various projects by reusing capabilities of various application framework like symphony, VCL, Canvas, CakePHP, Zend. For fast and cost reducing solutions we can also use various template engines and open source AJAX toolkits such as Sajax, AJAX Ajent and AJAXAC.

OpenSource offerings


We offer both technical and domain-specific OSS expertise in order to ensure smooth implementation and optimum benefits to its clients.

Our proven implementation accelerators, tools, and methodologies ensure rapid time-to-value through quicker implementation, minimal deployment risks, and reduced implementation costs.

Some Key Enablers

  • P2P Adoption through 3-E Strategy, which stands for Pilot to Production deployment of OSS thru well thought of Establish, Enhance, and Excel phases, to accelerate the process of OSS Adoption at Enterprise level.
  • Assessment Framework to provide Implementation Roadmap and OSS Governance Model.
  • OSS Products Features Fitment Guidelines, which have PUGH MATRIX associated with Typical Considerations while Adopting OSS.
  • OSS Governance which aims at the OSS adoption Policy Definition and its Implementation for Safe and Secured Adoption of OSS.
  • OSS Interoperability and Extensibility, which ensure that Shree’s OSS solution not only coexists with commercial/open-source products but it also results in enhancing the value of the overall IT solution.

Technical Expertise/Focus Areas

  • Portals, Content Management & Collaboration
  • Rich Internet Applications
  • Service Oriented Architecture
  • Workflows & Business Process Management
  • Mobile Computing
  • Distributed Computing
  • Business Intelligence
  • Application/Web Servers