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We will help you to drive business value from technology and innovation

  • Somewhere in the evolution of offshore IT Services, valuable skills and the people behind them gave way to simple dollars and cents. Nameless offshore teams began delivering IT like any other commodity. Why? Well, perhaps it’s because so many IT companies began focusing only on the work while ignoring their most valuable asset… the people behind the work. At Shree Partners, our culture of success begins and ends with our people. From our president on down to our most junior developers, every Shree associate throughout the U.S. and India has an ownership position within the company, meaning we all share in our success but are also accountable for consistently delivering to the highest standards. This leads to innovative, high-quality solutions and satisfied long-term clients who know their team members on a personal level, even half a world away.
  • Our Recruitment data analysis shows that only one in 300 experienced applicants is selected, who are not just good at what they do but are a great fit for our team-driven, client-focused culture. While we apologize to the other 299 applicants, our annual attrition rate of only 2% -- far below the industry average – means we must be doing something right… right? Of course, for our clients this means there’s a significantly reduced chance of any interruptions in the delivery schedule. And, that the same team that kicks off your project completes it… successfully, on time and on spec.
  • Engaging Customers - One option for engaging with our team allows first-time clients to “take a test drive” through a low risk engagement model; in some cases, this even means that a lead technical resource will travel onsite from India, to work on a short-term project at your location. When Shree offshore associates embed themselves with your team, it facilitates faster knowledge transfer and enables a first-hand exposure to your people and environments. This approach provides Shree the opportunity to demonstrate our capability for delivering solutions quickly and with a high degree of expertise, so that we can move with confidence into the next project and a longer-term partnership.
  • Big enough to deliver and Small enough to care - Shree brings a highly seasoned team of industry veterans that include serial entrepreneurs, visionaries, technical architects, project managers and hands-on operations managers. The key principals bring decades of relevant industrial experience: Shree’s delivery teams are staffed with senior technologists to ensure a thorough understanding of requirements, pro-actively identifying opportunities and enhancing speed of delivery.
    And, our senior executives get involved at the beginning of an engagement and stay involved, offering oversight and expertise from outside of the delivery team.