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Enterprise Resource Planning

Leverage our ERP expertise to reduce your operating costs, improve day-to-day management of operations and support your strategic planning initiatives across your global enterprise

Many leading organizations have implemented Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems since the early ‘90s. The primary benefit of ERP is the ability to integrate disparate functions from human-capital management, financial management, and supply chain management to customer relationship management.

Yet, ERP systems are still evolving as advances in Web services enabled organizations to integrate business functions and processes across the enterprise more tightly. At the same time, new delivery platforms such as software-as-a-service (SaaS) are emerging to speed deployment and reduce both complexity and total cost of ownership.

Our ERP practice combines industry rich expertise and all the benefits of long-term, strategic partnerships. From small and midsize businesses to large global enterprises, Shree Partners can provide you with a tailored service plan. Our service range includes:

  • Package selection advisory , Global Roll outs, Implementation, Development and Testing, Upgrade, Integration, Support and Maintenance, Training and Technology support and BPO
  • Customized services include setting up of multiple ERP support centres, migration from one ERP to another, sun setting of ERP, reimplementation etc.

Our practice offers a convenient “one stop shop” for all of your Tier 1 ERP needs including business strategy consulting, package implementation, upgrades and migration, as well as on-going maintenance and support.

To ensure success with all of our ERP engagements, we leverage proprietary development and implementation methodologies, as well as our expanding global delivery model with quality standards. A seamless worldwide team supports you onsite, offshore and knowledge and project management platform.

Our Benefits

  • Use our accelerators and unique methodologies to quicken upgrade/deployment time and improve application performance parameters
  • Utilize our business process expertise to deliver value to your business users through world class processes and timely support

Our Value Proposition

  • Industry’s most comprehensive ERP service and capability portfolio
  • Practical Methodology and toolkits
  • Leveraging sound deployment methodologies, tools and accelerators to deliver value
  • Deep knowledge of business processes HR, Payroll, Financials, Supply Chain, Operations, CRM, Sales and Distribution, Analytics, BPO

PeopleSoft Overview

PeopleSoft Practice

Our expertise helps organizations realize promised ROIs from PeopleSoft applications. We provide diverse PeopleSoft services and manage complex PeopleSoft environments, while ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction with customers who can vouch for our ability to deliver. Our PeopleSoft CoE solution lab has been transforming many business entities. Shree Partners service commitments in the PeopleSoft community has been truly commendable.

Shree Partners PeopleSoft practice offers end-to-end services ranging from Pre Implementation Consultation, Upgrade, and Maintenance. We bring in rich experience on CRM, Portals for these services across all Industries.

Shree Partners also offers advanced Upgrade Services through its upgrade lab.

Shree Partners' PeopleSoft Competency

Center of Excellence – Being Future ready

Shree Partners’ PeopleSoft COE acts as the central hub from where we promote innovation, process improvements, knowledge management. This group is at the heart of the PeopleSoft Business Units operations and comprises of the senior PeopleSoft experts and helps Shree Partner’s to be one step ahead of the crowd.

The activities at the PeopleSoft Center of Excellence are aimed at early adoption and competency building on the latest versions of PeopleSoft technologies and solutions offerings.

In this hub the experts look into the future needs of the industry and develop tools / accelerators / Proof of concepts that will in turn help a customer to be future ready.

Customer Benefits

  • A trusted partner with more than decades expertise in PeopleSoft
  • Reduction of TCO by up to 30% with usage of proprietary tools and accelerators
  • Reduction in time to upgrade by 20% using Shree Partners' Upgrade Accelerators
  • End-to-end PeopleSoft Delivery under one roof
  • Rich Talent Pool of Domain and technical expertise
  • Reduction in risk by leveraging SLA-based 24x7x365 onsite-offshore support

Partnering with Shree will enable you to achieve better results through the effective use of PeopleSoft solutions.

Connect - to learn more about Shree Partner’s PeopleSoft services and our record of success stories.

Why Upgrade to 9.1 - Compelling Reason

  • Up-to-Date support plan, saving money vs. the existing extended support costs
  • Accelerate business performance by lowering cost of ownership
  • State of the art technologies like Web 2.0 features, improved collaboration tools like Wiki, Blogs, Tagging, RSS Publishing, Desktop Integration, Advanced Portal Features, etc.
  • Certification with new third–party products/version (Windows, Browser, Aix, MS Office, Vista, iPad, etc.)
  • Extremely user friendly interface – Modal Prompt pages, alert boxes, scroll-able/ zoom-able grids, floating drop down menus, type a head feature, enhanced favorites feature, etc.

PeopleSoft Upgrade Services prepares and assists its clients at every step of the upgrade process, from strategy formulation to training of employees. The Upgrade Services roadmap provides a fully scalable service solution that allows organizations to plug and play the services they need to accelerate eBusiness knowledge to their Technical and Functional Teams. Starting with planning and assessment and continuing through upgrade execution, customizations, enhancements, testing and deployment, we provide everything it takes to rapidly and successfully implement PeopleSoft 9.2.

Service Offerings

Advisory Services

  • 9.2/9.1 Upgrade Business Case Preparations
  • 9.2/9.1 Upgrade Planning Roadmap and Assessment
  • Business Process Study and Analysis

Core Services

  • 9.2/9.1 Accelerated Upgrades
  • 9.2/9.1 Technical Upgrade
  • 9.2/9.1 Transformational Upgrades (Customized, Fit-Gap Analysis and Business Process Re-engineering (AS IS V/s TO BE Processes)
  • PeopleTools Upgrades
  • Delta Training

Shree's Upgrade Methodology

PeopleSoft Upgrade Methodology


  • Implement or upgrade up to 35% faster than an all on-site engagement
  • Reduce costs by up to 50%
  • Fixed scope, fixed fee, condensed timeline
  • End-to-end services
  • High-value, fixed, low-cost solutions with rapid, predictable results
  • Customer project team able to focus on more strategic or customer-specific tasks

Shree Partners has engineered proprietary processes and methodologies that address the key issues of PeopleSoft upgrades. Leveraging our vast PeopleSoft upgrade experience and key learning from over 100 projects, Shree Partner’s jump-start tools ensure speedy deployment, quality and cost benefits.

PeopleSoft 4D Upgrade View

Maintenance and Support

Maintenance of PeopleSoft Applications due to frequently changing business requirements can turn out to be a complicated time consuming and an expensive process for any IT organization. To manage this business need many of our clients have taken the help of Shree Partners expertise in Application Maintenance & Support Services.

Shree Partner provides end-to-end Application Support and Maintenance Services exclusively customized to the needs for our customers worldwide.

Shree Partners has proven track record in handling small to large scale ASM engagements across the globe in various domains and industries.

Our support services provide enhanced value to our customers through the use of Six Sigma and CMMi based processes, Deployment of ASM wizards, Templates and Tools for faster assessment and deployment and stringent SLA adherence.

The Services offered includes:

  • 24 x 7 Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 Support (Functional & Technical)
  • Enhancements to applications as per business requirements
  • Change Management
  • Patches & Bug Fixes
  • Performance Tuning
  • Housekeeping (Process Monitoring)

Customer Benefits

  • 24*7 Support
  • Reduction of Total Cost Ownership by 30% due to improved productivity & enhanced application stability
  • Significant Reduction in recurring cost of maintenance of existing applications