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Positioning for the Future of Healthcare through Collaboration, Efficiency and Innovation

Providers face pressure to deliver ever higher quality of care, to larger patient populations, with a shrinking clinical workforce. Regulators and reforms demand more collaboration and more accountability for outcomes, while reimbursements are being curtailed. Divergence in government and commercial reimbursements are forcing providers to consider different care delivery models. A generation of empowered, technology savvy consumers is demanding more information about their care and more interaction with their caregivers.

How can you deliver higher quality of care, collaborate better, and engage more with consumers, while positioning your organization to succeed in the new normal?

Services & Solutions

From consulting through implementation and ongoing support, we offer solutions and services including:

  • Regulatory Compliance
  • ICD-10 Transition
  • Healthcare Reform
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • ACO Strategy, Roadmap & Rollouts
  • Care Coordination & Management
  • Self Service & Patient Engagement
  • Technology Solutions
  • Hospital Performance Management
  • EHR & HIE Implementations
  • Clinical Analytics & Business Intelligence
  • Enterprise Applications
  • Outsourcing

Regulatory Compliance Solutions

We provide an array of field-proven solutions and tools for meeting specific regulatory challenges, ranging from the transition to ICD-10 and healthcare reform mandates to data privacy and security requirements and audits and quality reporting.

Analytics/Business Intelligence

We ensure you collect high quality data and can integrate it across multiple sources so you have comprehensive and coherent views of your organization’s performance and can use that information to drive process improvement and service innovation.

Quality Support Services

You’ll be certain your organization is operating at optimal levels with our comprehensive suite of quality management and audit solutions identifying any potential issues and concerns.

Implementation Services

We offer complete project and IT implementation and support services, including but not limited to EHR and HIE implementations; enterprise applications; legacy systems modernization; administrative, claims management, clinical and electronic health record implementations; custom development and maintenance; systems integration and program management; ERP and CRM systems; data warehouses; e-health, self service applications, portal development; and more.